Early Retirement Calculator – Is Early Retirement a Real Option?

We have used Microsoft OneDrive functionality to bring you this Early Retirement Calculator. This resource is free to use, and the tool does not retain any of your personal information.

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Using the calculator couldn’t be easier. Plug in all of your details, and the model will output five crucial pieces of information that will shape your retirement success:

  • Saving Ratio. As we explain in our guide to how to retire early, this is a crucial metric that will make all the difference in achieving the retirement date you set.
  • Target Retirement Fund. This is the pot size you will need to continue to enjoy the same income you receive presently.
  • Your Savings Goal. The gap you need to fill to reach that level of income
  • Years until Retirement. How long it will take at your current rate of saving until you will fill that gap.
  • Age at Retirement. The headline outcome – does this value surprise you or confirm what you already knew?

Disclaimer: This model does not incorporate inflation. Therefore you may want to reduce the drawdown % accordingly to input a more sustainable drawdown amount that will be able to increase by 2% or so each year.

Pleasantly surprised or worried you might need to cut back on your spending? Leave a comment below and let us know! Share this calculator on Social Media and let your friends have a go!

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Simon OatesEarly Retirement Calculator – Is Early Retirement a Real Option?