Does your boardroom reflect your brand?

From important client meetings to business conferences and employee interviews, it’s likely your boardroom is an important and well used space in the workplace. And it’s not just your staff members who see the inside of this area; you may also invite clients and customers into this room from time to time. So that your meeting room makes a lasting impression, it’s crucial that it perfectly reflects your company’s brand. For some handy hints and tips on how to ensure this room encapsulates your firm’s ethos, keep reading.

Deciding on your style

Before you decide on your boardroom style, you may want to take a step back and look at your company’s image as a whole. How your business is perceived on the outside is sure to give you a good indication of how you should present it on the inside. It’s also important to remember that every firm is different, so how another company dresses their meeting room might not be right for you. A traditional family-run business that has been operating for decades and a new startup digital agency are likely to have very contrasting outlooks, so naturally, their interior styles are going to be extremely different.

Choosing the right pieces of furniture 

There are a few pieces of furniture that your boardroom cannot be without. However, before you start purchasing products, it pays for you to think carefully about the design and style of your furnishings. For example, to achieve a conservative look, you may want to go for a large, solid wood boardroom table. If your firm’s ethos is more contemporary, you could opt for some high-quality leather seats with brushed metal arms and legs, such as the Sussex boardroom chairs from The furniture you include in this room should be comfy and functional. Your boardroom is likely to be the location for a number of long, important business meetings and conferences, so make sure your employees and clients are kept comfortable by providing well-made pieces of furniture.

Adding the finishing touches

Aside from a table and chairs, adding some final touches to your boardroom can really finish off the room. For example, you could position awards and certificates you’ve achieved on the walls or in a display cabinet. Furthermore, you could place a company branded cushion on each chair. Although they may seem like small additions, these examples are great ways of showing off your firm’s image.

Making sure your boardroom reflects your business’ image is simple and putting some of these points into practice could help.

Simon OatesDoes your boardroom reflect your brand?

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