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The efficient-market hypothesis may theorize otherwise, but all practitioners understand that investing after thorough research will yield better results than picking out commodities investments and directions at random. If you are new to commodities, I would recommend checking out ‘How to Invest in Commodities‘ before reading this article.

In light of this, I have compiled this short guide to commodities news resources. I hope this will highlight the different sources that I, and many others find useful in researching the commodities markets for purposes of reports, commodities trading, or taking a view on commodity-related equities.

Commodities News Sources

I’ve picked up as my first commodity news resource because of the quantity and quality of news reports on the website. I’ve seen many bigger organizations with far less content than this. This is why Commodity Online gets my thumbs up. It’s the only small media organization that made it on this shortlist.

The Financial Times is my most trusted and reliable financial news organisation. However, the equity markets get the bulk of attention from Pearson’s newspaper giant. This results in thin commodity news reporting, with perhaps only a couple of stories per day on each commodity. Due to the FT’s neutrality, it is not an ideal location for trading tips and ideas.

Similar to the FT, Bloomberg is largely constrained by its independence requirements, and is therefore great for fact, but lacking in opinion. Bloomberg commodity news is typically a daily report on any major price movements in commodities, with a small explanatory paragraph. A great website for ‘keeping up’ with developments, but not as useful for commodity traders.

I have included Forbes in this list because it produces opinion pieces from writers whom demonstrate good knowledge on the subject of commodities. Forbes does not produce even close to the volume of articles at, however each piece has far more detail and covers topics more holistically, which will be useful for beginners.

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