Can you renovate a business office without breaking the bank?

If you’re looking to renovate your office you might think that what you want is out of your budget. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are a range of options available for office renovation projects if you think carefully and choose wisely.

Why are you looking to renovate?

It’s important to know why you need to renovate, as this could highlight specific requirements. Often this is necessary if you’re moving into a new building and the current set-up isn’t suitable for your company. When a business expands and recruits a larger team it’s often necessary to fit more people into the existing space with the use of different office furniture. You might simply want to create a new look for your company, as a way of securing new business or impressing existing clients.

Considerations when remodelling

The design of your office can impact on a number of areas of the business. The design and style you choose for your office can say a lot about your company and help you to make that important first impression. However, an office also needs to be practical as well as stylish. You should think about how your employees work and the ways in which they currently use the office space. By having the right layout you can improve teamwork and increase productivity levels. It might be an option to include some breakout areas or spaces for employees to socialise or to have flexibility in the workspace so that they have the ability to work in different areas.

Is open plan beneficial?

Companies tend to be divided over whether open plan office space is more conducive to teamwork than individual offices. It will generally depend on the nature and size of the business, as well as the type of space you have available. Often a combination of both is preferable if this is achievable. Some open plan space gives employees more opportunity to share ideas and support their colleagues. It can create a buzz that generates increased levels of productivity. An open plan office will also tend to draw in more natural light, which can improve the moods and effectiveness of workers.

Creating an open plan layout could be more cost effective, as you have the option to use the space in different ways. It will cost less to create the structure and these projects are often quicker to complete.

Reducing the cost

There are ways you can save money on your office renovation and planning is crucial for this. Research exactly what you need beforehand, from the office furniture to technology, and plan the space. This will ensure that you don’t spend money unnecessarily. Look at a number of outlets online where the best deals are. You don’t have to buy everything new if existing items can be incorporated into your new layout.

A new or renovated office is about much more than the finished look. Creating the right type of space for your business can improve the success of your company, increasing efficiency and bringing in more clients.

Simon OatesCan you renovate a business office without breaking the bank?

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