Booking a Holiday with Your Credit Card & ASOS Voucher Giveaway!

It’s holiday time, or, more accurately, it’s time to book your holiday, which isn’t quite the same thing but it’s still really exciting. How do you go about it? Should you use your debit card or should you use your credit card, or should you, maybe, pay in cash? OK, paying with cash is crazy-talk, straight up crazy-talk. No one pays for a holiday with cash anymore. So your options are basically two-fold: debit card or credit card. You could book using your debit card but then you’d be missing out on all the splendid advantages you get when booking your holiday with a credit card. What benefits you bellow? Keep it down buddy, there’s no need to shout.

Consumer Protection

One of the biggest advantages of booking a holiday with your credit card is that you get some extra protection. Now we should mention that this protection is not all-encompassing but under Section 75 of the Consumer Protection Act your credit card company must protect any purchase you make between £100 and £30,000. So if product doesn’t meet your expectations, you could get a refund. For instance, if you buy a TV with your credit card and it turns out it’s actually broke, you should (in most cases anyway) get your money back. In the case of holidays, you could book a flight and the airline suddenly shuts down, again you could be refunded.

This doesn’t cover every single eventually, particularly in the case of consumer negligence but it’s more protection than you get with a debit card and is just one good reason that the credit card is the way to go when it comes to booking holidays.

Pay the deposit

Alternatively, if you don’t want to put the whole cost of your holiday on your card (it’s probably quite a lot and racking up a large bill on your card should never really be encouraged) then you can just pay the deposit with it, which will still give you some protection if the holiday is cancelled and also means you don’t have to worry about repaying your debt over a long period of time.

Find the right credit card

It’s pretty rare these days to find a credit card that doesn’t charge for purchases abroad but there are still a few hanging around. So, if you can find one, it is best to use that to make whatever purchases you’re making on holiday (well when cash isn’t an option) as it should cost you less than using your debit card. However if you don’t find such a card, using your credit card abroad can be quite expensive so make sure you know exactly what you are being charged before you start throwing you card around.

ASOS Giveaway

Update: Competition has now closed – the lucky winner was Nicola!

Stand the chance to win a £30 ASOS voucher by revealing your top holiday story! Whether a cheeky lads on tour tale or your first City Break with a special lady, we are all ears! Enter by posting a comment below – we will accept entries until the 10th May 2014. Please ensure you include a valid email address in the designated field below so that we can contact you if you’re the winner! Only one entry per person allowed.

Simon OatesBooking a Holiday with Your Credit Card & ASOS Voucher Giveaway!

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  1. Eleanor Holmes

    Four years ago I was inter-railing with my sister and we had ended up in Croatia. Being a less frequented holiday destination that other European countries, it’s not got the best of transport systems, and our time within its borders was mainly spent on trains, and believe me these were not the sort of trains you want to travel on. The rickety carriages, cramped corridors and thunder booming overhead were only the start; we boarded our booth and were shortly joined by some foul-smelling foreign men with too much hair and too few manners. Three hours later a man decided to throw himself in front of the train and we were delayed for another two hours. To give Croatia credit, it was beautiful once we stopped travelling, with azure oceans and ancient history galore, and we were quite sad to leave. But of course once we boarded our ferry who should we see but Mr Hair and Mr No Manners; the sooner we left Croatia the better…

  2. Zoe

    I have had lots of great holidays over the years, I think one of the best moments was when me and my friend (adeela!) went to Italy. We went all around in 2 weeks. We spent the last few days in Venice where we found this little ally at the side of a mini canal where some gondolas went by, we spent about 4 hours there the first day, its probably a got to be there moment but we had so much fun. The gondoliers would start to recognise us and start chatting to us, we made up names for them which were very funny. We went back the next day and they must have thought we were such strange english girls. We even got a free ride out of it. 6 months later we returned to Venice for the weekend and they still remembered us. To us it was hilarious, this time we had japanese tourist groups taking photos of us, somewhere out there on a japanese photo account are pictures of us, just sat there. I even went back by myself another 6 months later, not as fun on your own! I could spend all day talking about the fun we had but I think that was the best part

  3. Leanne Cardy

    One of my top holiday moments was in Italy when I was a teenager. Obviously being a 15 year old having two solid weeks with parents and a younger brother in a country where I couldn’t text constantly meant it was not the most enjoyable experience for all.

    One day my parents had booked a day trip down to Rome, we’d arrived at the pick up point late (although not as late as the coach!) and joined the end of a ridiculous queue. A coach then pulled up with a sign on the front that definitely did not say Rome, however my father, always looking for an opportunity to get one up on others pointed at the bus and shouted “Rome!” so everyone in front of us in the queue ran over to the next bay to board the other coach. In this time (conveniently) the actual Rome coach turned up and we were the only ones in the queue so got first choice of seats. Win!

  4. Nicola

    My first holiday with my husband (then bf) was one of the best holidays I’ve been on; we went to Skopelos, Greece for a week and the weather was beautiful, we were the only ones at our hotel so had the pool to ourselves and we got to see various places where they’d filmed Mamma Mia. We got to go to the chapel, but the steep climb was very scary at places, with no hand rail to hold on to! Still, an absolutely fantastic place to visit with tasty food and beautiful scenery.

  5. Darlene

    My favorite vacation memory is going on a Disney Cruise ship to Walt Disney world with my family. It was so much fun to see all four theme parks. Florida was so humid though! It was great to make memories so much Disney (even the tv was only Disney Channels!).

  6. Olivia

    Having only been on holiday around 5 times in my life, 2 times abroad I have not had much experience of holidays. The best holiday though was at 17 with my best friend of 9 years in Gran Canaria. This week contains some of my most treasured memories! From tourist activities such as camel riding and viewing the mini grand canyon to childish fun at aqualand I couldn’t have had more fun with my closest friend!

  7. Nina

    I gathered quite a few interesting experiences during my travels, but the ones I remeber often are those involving the people I met and from whom I have learned a lot. One of the most amazing things that happened to me during my travels took place in Jordan where I was travelling with my friend. One day we decided to go to a small village called Dana which is a part of a natural reservate. It was a deserted village, with almost nonexistent turist and only a few locals. There we’ve met with a Jordanian family – mother, father and three daughters who came to a village for a family trip before one of their daughter’s marriage. We were talking a bit and they invited us on a dinner but we couldn’t go because we had a bus to catch. 10 days later, on our last day in Jordan me and my friend stopped in a bigger town located about 300 km from the village mentioned before. We were walking the streets in the center, while we bumped to the “mother” we’ve met in the village and her daughter. We were both so suprised to see each other again, it was really an extraordinary coincidence! They were shopping some jewellery shops for some gold for the daughter’s marriage and they insisted we joined them! While in a jewellery shop, the mother bought me a beautiful silver pendant!I was not capable to refuse it, because she was so persistant that it would be unpolite. I was so suprised, because it was the first time for me to experience such generosity and kindness from total strangers. Later we went to their house where they prepared us dinner. They even called some relatives so they could speak to us! It was a cultural shock indeed! Not to mention non of them even spoke english or any foreing language…But we’ve managed to communicate somehow thow._:) It was such an amazing experience because of their remarkable generosity which is so rare to find in “western countries”. It is story I’m sure I won’t forget till the rest of my life:)

  8. Alex

    I’ve been fortunate to have spent a month travelling in Mongolia, which certainly produced many lasting memories including working at a local orphanage situated outside the capital, Ulaanbaatar. It was amazing to see the enjoyment the children received from our company despite the language barrier. Our organisation of a sports day was even aired on Mongolian news!

  9. Bara

    My favorite ‘holiday’ was my study-abroad in Italy. First of all, I met some amazing people. I lived with Italians (they are so crazy you gotta love them) and became friends with a ton of people from all over the world. I don’t think I ever spent so much time outside as I did that semester. We spent a lot of time exploring the town with its amazing parks and historical sites and as soon as it got a bit warmer we started spending all of our time by the sea. We went to the city beach before school and on free days, we would take a hike to more remote and secluded (and that much more awesome) beaches. We also took sailing lessons in the evening. I really had the best time there and it felt definitely more like a really long holiday than a study-abroad.

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