5 Ways to Save Money When in Between Jobs

There is no longer any such thing as a job for life. You can spend the time in between jobs by upgrading your CV, learning new skills and saving money so you have the necessary finances to travel to job interviews and shine in front of a prospective employer.

  1. Getting a loan

If you are unlucky enough to lose your job you might need to use logbook loans like Car Cash Point. These can help you in the short term to pay off some of those important bills. It is important that you don’t borrow more than you can pay back on a monthly basis. If you have a vehicle that is road worthy then you will be able to borrow money against the value of a car, van or even a boat. You will still be able to keep possession of your property and only need to prove that you own the item. Repayments are in small regular amounts.

  1. Letting a room

If you own your own property a good way to earn some extra money each month is to rent out one or more of your spare rooms. An article on the Money Advice Service website explains how many people are sharing their homes with work colleagues and friends. There are always students, travelling workers or tourists who are looking for somewhere to stay that is in good condition and the rent is at a reasonable rate.

  1. Selling off unwanted items

An article on the Money Saving Expert website has many ideas as to how you can earn money by selling off unwanted items from around the home. This could range from old books, CDs or even old bikes that are just sitting in the garage. If you go through your home one room at a time and put aside everything that you no longer use, you’ll be surprised how much money you can raise by selling them off.

  1. Buying from auctions

If you have some spare cash when you are in between jobs then why not try buying and selling from local auctions? Your local police force or airport will both have sales of stolen goods or left luggage. You might have to take a few chances when purchasing blind, but you might strike lucky and at least double your money.

  1. Earning money from your car

The website Money Magpie explains how you can earn money by simply advertising on the side of your car or van. You can earn up to £100 per month by having stickers placed on your vehicle. The process starts by signing up with an advertising agency who will then apply an adhesive film to all or part of your car. This does not harm the bodywork and can be easily removed. Once you have these in place you will start to earn money. Your car will no longer be a drain on your assets, but will make the car pay for itself.

Simon Oates5 Ways to Save Money When in Between Jobs

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